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Best hotel in Orlu Imo State

Best Hotel in Orlu Imo State


Best Hotesl in Orlu Imo state
Best Hotesl in Orlu Imo State

Hotels in Orlu
Best Hotels in Orlu (Kalifornia Hotel), Prices, Facilities and Reviews (Updated 2019)
In this post, you will get to know about the best hotels in Orlu
(Kalifornia Hotels rated #1), their location and services.
You might be wondering as a Non-Imolite where Orlu is or want to know more about the place before venturing into the beautiful city, well, let me tell you more about this city called Orlu.
Orlu is a city located in the Southeast region of Imo State in Orlu Local Government Area, it is considered by all as the third largest city in the state.
This city is known by most people as the Industrial capital of Imo State.
Orlu still keeps elements of its traditional culture and heritage which is the more reason why you should visit the place so that you can experience the native Igbo culture and heritage in reality as opposed to what you see on African Magic Epic Channel.
You can visit or go to Orlu any time, any day, but during the festive seasons, December to be precise, there are more intense activities and Colours to behold.
Orlu is easy to locate whether you are coming from Warri, Aba, Awka, Onitsha or anywhere in Nigeria. There are several major road networks that will still bring you to Orlu.
If you are planning to visit somewhere new either for a day or week, try and consider Orlu. This city has good hotels where you can relax, enjoy and feel at home.
Talking about hotels in Orlu, have you heard of the Kalifornia Hotel? It is the best hotel in Orlu.
Their services are top notch, their rooms extra elegant. In fact the day my lover took me there few months ago I was thrilled because I never expected a hotel of that calibre to be in that town.
My home town is not far from Orlu and I have been to other hotels in that area but truth be told, kalifornia hotel is simply the best.

Hotels in Orlu
Hotels in Orlu

Kalifornia Hotel & Suites Orlu
When you talk about hotels in Imo state, or the best hotels in Orlu, Kalifornia Hotel is actually the best in Orlu city.
This Luxurious hotel is located at Umuola Amaifeke Orlu, Imo State. It is a prestige Hotel, a hotel where you will be entertained and definitely enjoy your stay in it.
There are different types of rooms in this hotel, there is Luxury Suite, Executive Standard Room, Standard Room, Diplomatic Room, and Kings Double Room.
All these rooms are affordable, very neat, and well decorated.
All the rooms in the kalifornia Hotel are well decorated with a sofa, table, chair, wardrobe, fridge, Television, air-conditioner, and a comfortable bathroom.
These rooms are designed with a balcony that overlooks the surrounding.

Kalifornia Hotel Services
Like I earlier mentioned, Kalifornia Hotels have varieties of rooms. They have Suites, Standard rooms, and Single rooms. And each of these rooms are well furnished, decorated and affordable.
Kalifornia hotel has an Event hall, a very big one at that for your birthday and wedding celebrations. Some event centres especially some of them in Orlu are terrible, they don’t have enough space for guest to fit in. But the case is different with the Event hall in kalifornia Hotel and Suites.
Get entertained from the live bands, dancers, Singers, Comedians, humorous MCs and a whole lot of other entertainers. You can only get all these from the Kalifornia Hotel.

Free Breakfast
Yes, you heard it right, free breakfast wow, isn’t that amazing. Only few hotels in Imo State offers free breakfast to their customers. Even here in Orlu, free breakfast in Hotels is impossible. That’s why day in day out, when you ask for a comfortable home-like hotel I’ll recommend Kalifornia hotels.
During my stay there, when they brought breakfast to me in the morning, without me paying for it. I was really happy and overjoyed. Yea I was happy because am a foodie, and the food was delicious. Come to think of it who wouldn’t be happy when they get free food.

Hotels in Orlu
Hotels in Orlu

Conference hall
Want a cool place to hold your executive meetings, or important talk with people? Then come to Kalifornia hotel, their conference hall is good enough for all your meetings.

Gym Centre
Kalifornia Hotel has a gym with different kinds of equipment which you can use and keep fit. Their gym is super clean and has all the necessary tools you can use and exercise.

Swimming Pool
For those of you who love to swim and want to go to a hotel with a nice pool, Look no further, kalifornia hotel has got you covered. Their pool is big, and very neat.

Apart from the fact that their rooms are luxurious, the bar and restaurant is also a place to visit when you are in Orlu.
Kalifornia Hotel is the only hotel in Orlu whose restaurants offers both local and intercontinental dishes.
The restaurant offers top notch services to their customers. The bars also have both alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks for their esteem customers.

Reasons why you should stay at Kalifornia Hotels
1. New Towels: You will be given fresh towels when you need them: Not all hotels in this city give you this privileged.

2. Free Breakfast: Free breakfast in bed, getting the most important meal of the day for free is amazing and you can get this when you visit kalifornia hotel in Orlu.
3. Well Decorated and Furnished Rooms: You will be able to choose any room of your choice. The rooms are all air-conditioned, and have nice interiors.

4. 24/7 power supply: Many will think that since Orlu is not like the capital city, Owerri, that most hotels in Orlu will have less power supply but that’s not the case with kalifornia hotel. Kalifornia Hotel has 24/7 power supply non- stop.

5. Laundry/Dry Cleaning Services: Unlike most hotels in Orlu that don’t offer laundry and dry cleaning services and after like a week stay in the hotel, you start looking for where to do your laundry. Kalifornia hotel makes sure your laundry is well taken of.

6. Free Wifi: With Kalifornia hotel, you will get free internet services once you become a guest in the hotel.

7. Your security & Safety is Guaranteed: the Kalifornia hotel premise is well guarded by special security personnels. These security officers make sure the surrounding is safe and secure.

8. Delicious Delicacies: You will get delicious delicacies from their restaurant.

9. Parking Space: Sufficient parking space for your vehicles.

10. Pickup Service: Airport pickup/car hire available on your request.

hotels in orlu
hotels in orlu


Terms and Conditions
Kalifornia Hotels has terms and conditions like any other hotel.
1. Check in from 12:00pm and Checkout by 12:00pm.
2. No pets allowed
3. Pay with either cash or card (Vis, Master card)
4. Free lodging for children below the age of 15 years.

How to get to Kalifornia Hotel and Suites Orlu
From Orlu, take a bike or cab to Ihiala Road, Ihiala road is opposite All Saint Anglican Church Amaifeke Orlu.
Address: Kalifornia Avenue, Umuola, Amaifeke Orlu.

Kalifornia hotel is arguably the best hotel in Orlu, and also among the best hotels in Imo State.
Am certain that your visit to this hotel will be pleasurable and fun
Whenever you are about visiting Orlu and have no place to go to, Kalifornia hotel is always available for you.
You will eventually become dazzled by the type of treatment and Hospitality you will get when you visit Kalifornia Hotel.
There is no need for you to think about a hotel to choose from because Kalifornia Hotel gives you more and offers you the best services you can ask for.

Book and call for your Reservation : 07065636815
Want to know more about Kalifornia Hotel visit their website or send email via


best hotel in orlu
best hotel in orlu

Question and Answer
1. Q: Is there a hotel in Orlu that offers free internet services?
A: Yes there is, Kalifornia hotel offers free internet services to all guests.
2. Q: Does Kalifornia Hotel have a restaurant?
A: Kalifornia hotel have a restaurant that offers both local and intercontinental dishes.

3. Q: How big is Kalifornia’s hotel swimming pool?
A: The swimming pool of Kalifornia hotel is like an Olympic sized pool.

4. Q: Is there a gym in Kalifornia hotel?
A: There is a gym with various exercise equipment.

5. Q: How secured is Kalifornia Hotel?
A: Most people are usually scared to go to any hotel because of security reasons. Be rest assured that kalifornia hotel is well secured. They have one of the best skilled and trained security personnel.

6. Q: Is Kalifornia hotel the best hotel in Orlu?
A: Absolutely yes! Kalifornia hotel still stands as the best hotel in Orlu.

7. Q: How big is kalifornia hotel parking space?
A: Big enough, and spacious for cars

8. Q: Does Kalifornia hotel have a suite?
A: Yes, kalifornia hotel have suites.

9. Q: Do Kalifornia hotel offer free breakfast?
A: yes they offer free breakfast for guests in the hotel.

10. Q: How good is their laundry services?
A: Kalifornia hotel laundry service is absolutely a top notch.


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